Chase Bank branch in Los Alamitos opens Feb. 18

Everyone driving through the intersection of Ball Rd. and Bloomfield Ave. has seen the construction activity on the northwest corner.

First, the restaurant closed. Then the building housing the restaurant was demolished.

Second, the businesses in the building on the west edge of the lot — a liquor store and a barber shop — closed. Then extensive remodeling of that building began.

Construction of a new building on the east end of the lot began.

Signs went up announcing that new tenants would be 7-Eleven on the west, and Chase Bank on the east.

Last month, the Patels hosted a grand opening and ribbon cutting at their new 7-Eleven. They presented McAulliffe Middle School a check for $711 and gave away bunches of cool gifts.

This month, it’s Chase Bank’s turn!

Chase Bank opens Feb. 18, 2014 at 3997 Ball Rd. in Los Alamitos, on the corner of Ball and Bloomfield.

Welcome to Los Alamitos!